Secret Weapon for B2B Communications

flowchart of problem-solvingDoes your company only discuss successes at team meetings or company parties? Many businesses share their heroic tales internally, but potential clients are the ones who really need to hear these scenarios. Case studies add versatility and personality to your marketing toolbox.

Why case study?
An informative case study has many features that make it a valuable sales and marketing tool. Unlike a shorter newsletter article, a case study is usually two to three pages in length; you can consider your case study almost like a short story. People like to read stories, especially if they see their own problems or challenges in the storyline. Doesn’t everybody want a happy ending? Prospects will read how your company solved a problem for another company and anticipate the same results from your solutions.

Case studies accomplish several objectives:

  • Highlight your problem-solving capabilities
  • Offer an opportunity to for prospects to get to know your business
  • Serve as collateral that you can offer for download

These powerful marketing assets will boost your brand through education and demonstration of your company’s expertise.

Case by case
Not all case studies are created equal. It takes time, creativity, and specialized techniques to construct case studies that produce the results you need. And not every testimonial can be turned into a full-length case study. Readable, effective case studies share some common characteristics:

  • Client quotes
  • Compelling storyline (beginning, middle, end)
  • Plenty of supporting facts
  • Specific details about the problem and solution
  • Characters — real people with real names

Put Proven Systems on the case
Conducting interviews and crafting the copy requires a lot time. And even if you put in the time, you still may not get the results you’re expecting. It just makes sense to have a reputable, established marketing team produce your case studies. Just like the process we use for your newsletter, our process for case studies is comprehensive and includes

  • All aspects of interviews and approvals
  • Research
  • Professional writing and editing
  • Formatting

We take the time to understand the business of our clients. At Proven Systems, our team is really an extension of your marketing department.

Can your business benefit from the advantages of a professional case study? Contact the professionals at Proven Systems at (800) 720-5398 or to learn more.


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