6 Essentials for Your Content Marketing Toolkit

content marketing toolkitA toolkit is a neat, organized collection of only the items you need the most, easily accessible and concise. But if you’re like many of us in content marketing, you don’t really have a toolkit. You have a whole workroom, and it’s a mess.

There are tools everywhere: some that are very useful, and others that you haven’t used at all since you picked them up at a garage sale two years ago. It’s disorganized and it makes it hard to find anything when you need it, let alone to figure out exactly what tool you need to get the job done.

It’s time to go through that mess of a workshop and pick out the tools that are absolutely necessary for your content marketing. Here are the top six most important tools a content marketer should have:

  1. Website — Today, having a website is as basic and important to a business as having a phone number. Make sure that you have an informative, easy-to-navigate website so that those who are interested in your products or services can easily learn about them and get in contact with you.
  2. Blogs — Now considered a staple of content marketing, blogs are imperative to keeping an active web presence. Plus, they’re great for your website’s SEO ranking. And don’t forget the CTAs, so interested readers know what step to take next.
  3. Email newsletter — Email newsletters have been proven to be a super effective form of content marketing, boasting not only high conversion rates, but the highest ROI of any content marketing channel. Don’t ignore this powerful tool for getting your content right into your viewers’ inboxes.
  4. Analytics — Analytics are extremely valuable in a content marketing program to gain insight into who your audience is and what they want, but they aren’t useful unless you understand them. Make sure you not only have a way to obtain and measure data, but also a way to interpret it.
  5. Content distribution plan — All this great content marketing wasn’t written to languish on an unseen page of your website, never to see the light of day. With a content distribution plan, you can ensure you’re not wasting your time.
  6. Referral program — Your happy customers are perhaps your most valuable untapped resource. Let them help you with a well-structured referral program to really round off your content marketing program.

It’s time to give that workroom a good cleaning and put together the specific toolkit you need to get your content marketing work done, leaving you a fast, flexible content mechanic.

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