Can I Reuse My Newsletter Articles?

great_questionYes, you can reuse those old newsletter articles. In fact, you should!

Most B2B marketers already repurpose content frequently — altering it for different channels, such as retooling a newsletter article into a blog post. But many of those marketers are leery of “reuse,” which is simply rerunning the same article.

Don’t be! There are multiple reasons why reusing content makes sense:

  • Developing your content takes time, research, resources, and commitment. It’s too valuable to simply send it once and forget about it!
  • Not every reader sees every newsletter article you send, so resending it at a later date or posting it on your blog will help your content reach more readers.
  • Many old problems and stories are still relevant today. Comb your archives for content that addresses an age-old issue or that has become significant again because of a news story or industry trend.
  • Reusing content keeps your content marketing program on track when you’re too busy to develop new articles.

Your quality content deserves a second chance! Just because it’s not new to you doesn’t mean it won’t be fresh to your customers and prospects.

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