The No. 1 Reason the Newsletter Is Still King of B2B Marketing

global_graphThere are many B2B marketing tools available, and each one offers advantages. With such a wide variety of options, identifying the one that will be successful and reliable for your specific marketing strategy is a challenge.

But there’s a tried-and-true B2B marketing method that’s here to stay: the email newsletter.

“A profitable compulsion”
Email newsletters are the original content marketing tool. Why are they still so effective? According to a recent article on, it’s because they’re actionable — readers have to do something with the information sitting in their inbox. And when an email newsletter’s articles are interesting and deliver value, recipients look forward to future issues. “The right content can make the newsletter into a daily habit,” the article notes. “And nothing excites a business like a chance to create a profitable compulsion.”

How does this compare with other B2B marketing strategies? Email newsletters are much more accessible than social media sites, for example, which offer a constant stream of ever-changing information. It’s impossible for users to see and respond to all the posts they see on Facebook or Twitter. And without a reminder to search for your business, customers and prospects may not even know your blog, website, or social media pages exist.

Unbeatable versatility
Email newsletters are No. 1 for a reason: They’re the link that ties your marketing strategy together. They keep you top of mind with your readers. They drive traffic to your website and social media pages and encourage interaction. Email newsletters are extremely versatile in other ways, too:

  • Newsletters are dynamic and informative. They highlight what’s going on in your business and industry. They’re great for sharing videos, white papers, infographics, and other valuable resources. You can share information about new products and services or upcoming events that will benefit your customers.
  • Newsletters generate leads. Newsletters that include interactive, actionable content encourage prospects to raise their hands.
  • Newsletters position you as an industry expert. Well-written articles demonstrate your knowledge of industry trends and translate what new developments mean for your customers. They make your company a respected and trusted resource.
  • Newsletters nurture relationships. Newsletters are valuable at every stage in the sales cycle: They educate prospects about your business, keep you top of mind with current customers, and inspire both to take action.
  • Newsletters are adaptable. Newsletter articles provide a wealth of interesting, relevant content that you can repurpose in different formats or for other audiences.

Get it right
Used correctly, an email newsletter will produce unbeatable results for your marketing and sales teams. However, developing an effective newsletter isn’t something that happens overnight. There are several considerations. You need a great design, compelling headlines, valuable articles, sending and tracking platforms, and an understanding of email deliverability issues. And you need to send your newsletter on a reliable schedule.

If this sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is. But it’s worth it. And you don’t have to do it on your own. With the right partner, your email newsletter can live up to its fullest potential.

Proven Systems has been creating newsletters for a long time. With over a decade of experience, we’ve worked out all the kinks so you don’t have to. We handle everything from designing to writing to sending to tracking — your only job is to review the content and provide approvals. It’s that simple.

It’s time to welcome the king of B2B marketing into your business.

Want to create must-read email newsletters that become a “profitable compulsion” for your prospects and customers? Contact the professionals at Proven Systems at (800) 720-5398 or to learn more.


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