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Marc Dube

President and Founder

Marc Dube has made a life’s work helping companies grow through strategic, foundation-based marketing. Since 2001, he has injected his passion and energy into growing Proven Systems into the country’s leading customized eNewsletter production and distribution service. Read more.

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Regina Neenan

Client Success Services Editor

Active Blogs’ Client Success Services Editor, Regina Neenan, is a transplant from driftless Wisconsin. The beauty of the foothills and Rockies beyond inspired her to load a tiny car, and, with her cat and a few belongings, move almost 900 … Read more.

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Brian Grosz

Success Team Director

With over 14 years’ experience in the marketing industry, Brian Grosz is a natural fit as Active Blogs’ Success Team Director. A strategist at heart, he ensures that every piece of the program not only fits Active Blogs’ high internal … Read more.

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Eric Schmiter

Success Team Technologist

Eric Schmitzer is the Web Designer and HTML Editor at Active Blogs, working daily to tackle technical support issues and maintain the Active Blogs website. His duties include updating and improving eFlier and eNewsletter designs, conducting in-depth testing, and sending email communications. Read more.

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Rachel Robbins

HTML Editor

Rachel Robbins’ keen knowledge of eNewsletter functionality, programming and digital list maintenance helps ensure that every Proven Systems product works seamlessly on all web platforms. Rachel’s academic background is in biology but her innate passion for technical problem solving led her on a different career path: freelance Web site development. She launched her freelance business in the late 1990s and crossed professional paths with Proven Systems founder Marc Dube in 2003. Read more.

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Dina Baird

Digital Content Director

Content is king and always will be. Dina has over 15 years’ experience in the publishing industry where content has always fueled the marketing efforts of publishers and their clients.

Years before anyone else was blogging, publishing industry professionals were taking experts, turning them into writers, and using the personal branding of these industry “stars” to build page views on their websites and convert fans into followers. Read more.

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Connor Dube

Marketing Assistant

Connor Dube is a Marketing Assistant at Active Blogs, where he works to bring in new prospects, identify partnership opportunities, and market blog and newsletter programs. Connor has been passionate about sales and marketing ever since he started his first … Read more.

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Beth Dube

Accounting Manager

Beth Dube has played an integral role in the organization and growth of Proven Systems, Corp., since the company was founded in 2001. As the company has matured – adding staff, clients, contractors and vendors – Beth’s duties as accounting manager have multiplied. She manages all accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and other accounting functions for Proven Systems. Read more.