Marketing Software — Support Included

Ever tried using a do-it-yourself email software only to learn it was really a fend-for-yourself endeavor? Most off-the-shelf email marketing software programs can’t:

  • help you find a writer
  • help you select reader-friendly topics
  • fine tune your email contact list so that it has the right quantity of the right contacts
  • ensure your email service isn’t suspended due to non-compliance with current SPAM laws
  • help you interpret the results of your campaign once it’s sent

The truth is that eNewsletter production involves much more than just putting words and a nice design together and hitting “send.” It is a multifaceted effort that requires an intimate knowledge of content marketing and email technology. It takes a lot of creativity and technical expertise.

For years, Proven Systems has helped companies solve their B2B communication challenges. During that time, Proven Systems has recognized that the only thing some companies need to get their eMarketing campaigns off the ground is an email software platform that is easy to use and comes with readily available,  expert help.

Developed by professional B2B marketers, Proven Systems’ Email Software Platform with Marketing Support includes attractive, up-to-date templates, the ability to use purchased lists, and — best of all — marketing experts to answer your trickiest eMarketing questions. For a minimal monthly fee, clients have access to everything they need to get their newsletters done, including training and jumpstart programs to make it happen fast.

Proven Systems’ Email Software Platform with Marketing Support ensures you are not only getting the best email sending and reporting platform but also an entire team of email and newsletter experts along with it.  This service is designed by B2B email marketers for B2B email marketers only. By using this service:

  • You are not limited to cheap-looking templates commonly found in other software.
  • You are not limited to opt-in-only lists — instead you can purchase lists for lead generation and growth.
  • You have access to live training and a jumpstart program to get you going quickly.
  • You get full software support and ongoing marketing support services to help you navigate the challenges of eNewsletter production including content creation, design, list growth, can-spam compliance, etc.


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