Julius Hinton, Social Selling Advisor

team member
Nickname:Julz, JuJu, JHint
Hometown:Aurora, Colorado
Hobbies:Sports (especially Football – go Broncos) Fishing, Traveling and Cooking
Favorite Food:Seafood
Pets:None, yet!
Secret 411:Colorado High School All-State Football Player (2007)
Favorite Quote:"Timing is everything." — none

Julius Hinton is the Social Selling Advisor at Active Blogs. His role focuses on acquiring and engaging with new prospects to cultivate long-term business relationships. Julius has had a strong focus on lead generation and content solutions for companies of all industries.

With his journey beginning in 2009, he has gained experience from everything to doing door-to-door sales, to traditional advertisement, to complex content-driven digital solutions. Julius has displayed a passion for communicating and helping others.

Whenever he is not working, Julius enjoys attending sporting events, preferably the Denver Broncos. When the game is over, look for him at an exclusive river or lake dropping and casting a new fishing line or perhaps visiting a town near you. Julius can also be caught at home imitating his “Master Chef” skills in his kitchen.